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Hey there welcome to my wakelet account you are reading this because you have read one of my stories wether it be about fashion or about the SCP-Foundation or my music regardless you also wanted to know about me and what i do in my spare time (must you ask?) if you do in my spare time i like to do the following
Socialize with friends: there is nothing i love more than getting out into the world away from technology for a day and meeting up with friends
Gaming: yes i'm a gamer i spend most of my gaming time on SCP related games on different gaming platforms like roblox i play minecraft on my xbox one reason being i have a role on a world in the foundation and i play other games like COD and tom clancy's 
Music: I love my music i play the drums i have been since i was 8 years old i have a true passion for music and its one of my most poular interests i can play guitar (only a beginner so only expect progress videos and posts)

if you made it this far congratulations you have shown me that even during a busy day you still take the time to read about my life and my hobbies and interests, thank you seriously if you read all of this i'm so grateful
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