At university, while researching for his degree, our founder Jamil struggled to keep track of everything he found. He ended up grouping together useful links, images and notes into sections of a Word document, scrolling through page after page to find a single URL and wasting valuable time.

After a year travelling in New Zealand, Jamil's friends kept asking him where he’d been and what he’d done, and each time he had to paste lists of links into emails. He’d label them, but without any context or visual cues, all they ended up with was a wall of URLs and no clear structure. Despite his efforts, Jamil’s emails weren’t useful, and as he exchanged more and more emails, they became very difficult to find and consume.

While leading a technology programme at Airbus, Jamil heard that suppliers and customers were frustrated with trying to dig out information about the programme. The information available on the official Airbus website was limited. The suppliers and customers would have to search the web and navigate through hundreds of thousands of results to piece together a cohesive narrative. In doing so, they would often miss out on essential pieces of information. The Airbus team created a specific page linked to the company intranet, so that they could store and access all of their information. This was only available internally, so they ended up emailing lists of links to suppliers and customers to share information.

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We created Wakelet to address these drawbacks and make it easier to take control of the content that interests, inspires, and excites you.

Now we can bridge the gap between humans and algorithms by empowering people to curate content in a stunning, useful and more personal way.