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Notes for items that are not self-explanatory from the descriptions given on the item "cover" : * # 3 (2nd row left)- Virtual tours of museums from around the world. Furnished by BTSB. * # 4 (2nd row right)- Natural beauty from around the world (videos). * # 5- CyArk- digitally records, archives and shares the world's most significant cultural heritage sites. * # 6- (3rd row right)- Earth Science related, anthropological too. VFTs are interactive experiences captured during real expeditions with scientists doing current research. From Arizona State University. * # 7- ;Explore Zone from the Science Mill Museum in Johnson City, Texas. Science-related videos and 3 full length movies. * #8 (4th row right)- Visit a farm, a planetarium, a zoo, an aquarium, and more. See links in text. * #10- VFTs to museums in Chicago, Illinois. * #12 (6th row right)- VFTs to museums around the world, zoos & aquariums, and 2 theme parks. * #13- VFTs related to Art, Social Studies, and Science. * #14- Links to many museum home pages. * #15- "Pins" from Pinterest pertaining to virtual field trips to a diverse array of sights and human cultural experiences.