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PHONICS WEBINAR: Learning to read and write

For All teachers, heads, coordinators, educational therapists involved in the reading and writing process in the early years of primary school Objectives: Understand and learn about the process of the acquisition of reading and writing, how we learn to read and write, how the brain learns. Learn about the latest research in educational neuroscience. Know and learn about Systematic Synthetic Phonics and how to apply it in the classroom. How to develop reading comprehension in the process. Content: Literacy and its process: How the brain works in the reading process, what educational neuroscience informs us. What is the objective of Reading. The simple view of reading and writing. The Bilingual brain: English and Spanish alphabetic codes, similarities and differences. Transparency and complexity of both alphabetic codes. The 2 processes of Literacy: Develepment of Oral language and comprehension and Systematic Synthetic Phonics. Developing Oral Language through stories, poems and rhymes, description, sequencing and retelling. The Phonics skills: Letter sound correspondences, Blending, Segmenting and Handwriting.BANNERS/POSTERS: Silvina Vilar