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July 23-26 Newsletter

Just a few days left to sign up for our 1st professional development opportunity. The Zoom webinar with Dr. Aguilera and Dr. Huff about building relationships with our students through distance learning will be very useful this coming month! A great big THANK YOU to them both for donating their time to our network! Thank you to my husband for the artwork for our PD. As part of the PD, Dr. Aguilera and Dr. Huff have agreed to join the newly formed Network Forum to help answer questions, problem solve, and follow-up on ideas presented. We all strongly believe that it is important to have follow-up conversations after attending PD to help each other. The Network Forum can be found on my website (see information and link below). This newsletter contains what the California Academy of Science calls ABC lessons. I have included the resources I received from a breakout session I did with them on this topic a couple of years ago (the ABCs of hands on minds on CSTA, Mind the GAP, Activity Before Concept, orbits MAT, handout Mars launch dates, eye diagrams). There are a few recommendations from Neil deGrasse Tyson or things he is a part of you should check out. (Das Rad, StarTalk Radio Show, The Known Universe). Things may slow down a bit as far as sending out newsletters as I begin to start my new job (in a new district, in a new classroom, teaching ELA 8 instead of science 7 and 8). However, I plan to continue to compile resources for the newsletter. So, keep those resources coming. The new forum will also be a wonderful addition for our continued collaboration this coming semester. The plan is to try to have a network Zoom meeting during the first quarter. Send me any new PD ideas for me to try to work on. Best wishes, Lauren