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STEM Mindedness

STEM Mindedness

#STEM Mindedness is brought to you by S²TEM Centers SC (Solutions in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education) is a network of education specialists focused on economic and workforce development through improvement in preK-12 STEM education. Our statewide infrastructure for STEM education brings information, support, innovation and research to the education community in South Carolina and beyond with emphasis on pre K-12 schools. STEM-Mindedness is a way of thinking inspired by vision and informed by data; it drives cutting edge innovation and underlies collaborative actions that build and sustain a thriving society where all citizens contribute and benefit. Within a STEM-minded school, program or event, stakeholders collaborate to create a culture that inspires and celebrates innovation; decisions are informed by data, and learning experiences are designed to ensure that ALL students are ethical, well informed citizens, able to meet the demands of the 21st Century contributing to their success and that of their communities, and beyond. (S²TEM SC Innovation Configuration Maps, Version 3.0) ARE YOU STEM-MINDED? Here are some resources to get you started. Curated by SCCMS,

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