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Web 2.0 Information for Teachers in Newly 1:1 Schools

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become quite apparent that teachers have a wide range of comfort levels in terms of technology. Some teachers feel comfortable interpreting code and finding new apps, while others have had a hard time understanding how to upload their syllabus and lesson plans to their school website. Additionally, many schools are moving to 1:1 (meaning each student has a device). This curation of resources offers teachers information on how to integrate technology into their classroom effectively and why technology is such an important part of the learning experience. Furthermore, this curation offers teachers various tools that will help them get started as they begin finding ways to implement technology into their classroom. This curation has articles, infographics, videos, podcasts, books, and other resources to help teachers understand the need for technology, see what technology is offered, and learn how to use technology in their classrooms. Additionally, there are resources showing teachers how technology can enhance their classroom management, grading, formative assessments, lesson engagement, and communication procedures in the classroom. For teachers who are in the beginning stages of integrating technology into their classroom and teaching styles, this curation has a plethora of resources to support that transition.