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Learning Episode 2- Diversity of Learners

The unlimited variety of life experiences and traits that a child brings to their formal learning at school is referred to as learning diversity. Teachers' involvement in creating learning environments that are sensitive to learner variety is highlighted in the 3rd domain of the Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers. This domain emphasizes the relevance of instructors' knowledge and comprehension of learners' different qualities and experiences. This knowledge and information are relevant inputs to the planning and design of learning opportunities. It promotes the celebration of diversity in the classroom and varied teaching approaches to help all students become effective citizens in a changing local and global context. Meanwhile, all students with a variety of learning difficulties have the same right to a comprehensive and interesting education as their classmates. This module discusses different challenges that teachers and students encounter due to the diverse nature of the teaching-learning environment. While these cannot be avoided, teachers need to study and apply strategies that can be established to maintain a conducive learning structure for the benefit of the learners.