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Persons Deprived of Liberty

The culmination of our Punla experience with the PDL sector Iyo Bello, Kyle De Vera, Matt Lero, Bea Navarro, Casey Saballe [THEO 12 J-Q4 and NSTP 11] A person deprived of liberty means a person who has been arrested, held in lawful custody, detained, or imprisoned in execution of a lawful sentence. These people are a legitimate sector of society and they shall enjoy the same basic rights recognized to every other person by domestic law and international human rights law, except for those rights which exercise is temporarily limited or restricted by law and for reasons inherent to their condition as persons deprived of liberty. In the context of the Philippines however, this sector has been continually oppressed without the attention that should be given to them. With the country’s faulty justice system, there must be a need for social and spiritual change with our attitudes and actions towards this sector.