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Senior Writing Portfolio 2021-2022

BY: Mia Gianna Jolie Mendoza After high school I am not planning to go to college right away, first I want to go to aesthetician school and get my license. After I plan on going to nursing school and getting my nursing degree so I can open my practice and start my own company, cosmetic line, and some skin-care products for my business. I am excited to be graduating high school but it is a little bitter-sweet. Because it's sad knowing you won't be friends with everyone anymore, everyone is leaving and moving away and you won't see them every day. My favortie memory while being at Clark was probably the time the girl I didn't like pooped her pants at school and ran home. It was so funny because you could see the brown stain and it made a loud noise. But I have realized that you cant be in high school forever it comes to an end and for me, it coming to an end is an accomplishment.