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@AvantMORELEARNINGFollow Us! morelearning.avantassessment.com Instagram: @more_learning_ Twitter: @more_learning_ Youtube: https://morelearning.avantassessment.com/more-youtube-learning Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/morelearning PROFESSIONAL LEARNING AND TRAINING In addition to assessments, Avant provides effective professional learning courses that help teachers become more successful and inspire student achievement. DATA INFORMED PRACTICES MORE Learning provides training on successful ways to implement Avant’s assessments including best practices and next steps. Training highlights ways to use Avant test data to inform instruction, measure growth, ensure accurate placement, and build excellent programs. Participants learn how to evaluate the quality of assessments they have developed for students and see how the content they are currently using in the classroom can be used in an outcomes-based teaching approach. EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES THAT INCREASE PROFICIENCY Through MORE Learning, increase proficiency through effective instructional practices in world languages and dual language education. Programs available to teachers and administrators include: workshops and webinars, instructional coaching, program assessment and evaluation, curriculum support, and online resources. DEVELOPING LEADERSHIP IN WORLD LANGUAGES MORE Learning is committed to finding, developing, and supporting language education leaders. Our program provides opportunities for emerging leaders to shine, highlighting and celebrating their journeys. COLLABORATIVE INITIATIVES We are dedicated to collaborating, supporting, and partnering with professional organizations who share our vision, mission, and passion. Look for Avant at local state, regional, national and international conferences as well as other events that support language learning! Interested in partnering with Avant or MORE Learning at Avant on an initiative supporting language learning? Please reach out to us! We would love to hear from you.
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