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We all know children are happier and more confident when they are free to explore their interests and express themselves. Play is vital to help children develop their full potential – but too often children’s play is limited by stereotypes about what boys and girls should do and be.
Parents have a big responsibility here - but we know you also have a lot on your plate. We’ve sifted through hundreds of resources and play ideas, so you don’t have to. You can find everything here from extended games to keep them entertained on a long rainy day to easy activities you can do with things you already have at home – and even the best TV shows for when you all need a break. All these activities are stereotype-free and perfect for girls and boys.
All children need time and space for play every day, now more than ever. Through play we can teach boys to be comfortable expressing their emotions and girls to be confident expressing their strengths. Meaning all children can feel proud of who they are and develop their full potential.
Disclaimer: We haven’t personally tried and tested all the activities and resources in these collections; however, they’ve been recommended by parents and/or teachers.
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Zero Tolerance works to raise awareness of gender stereotyping in the early years and how to encourage gender equality so that children are protected from the negative consequences of inequality and discrimination as they grow into adults.
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