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Hawthorne Education Foundation

The Hawthorne Education Foundation was founded with the hope of nourishing and strengthening both the quality of Hawthorne’s public education system and the vitality of the community it serves. The Foundation gives back to the Hawthorne schools and Hawthorne students in the form of grants and annual scholarships. To this end, the Hawthorne Education Foundation recognizes the importance of scholastic enrichment beyond the opportunities within the core curriculum and strives to provide funding to enable our teachers to prepare our children academically, technologically and socially for the workplace in the 21st century; provide professional development for teachers and administrators to pursue advanced training not otherwise provided through traditional resources and opportunities for cross-cultural appreciation so that our children may be enriched and prepared for an increasingly interactive global community. The Hawthorne Education Foundation further recognizes that experiences in science, technology, arts (fine and communication arts) and mathematics (S.T.E.A.M.) will promote and enhance lifelong enrichment for students, faculty and the community at large.
Through your support the Hawthorne Education Foundation can become a vehicle of empowerment for our students, our teachers, our schools and our community. To volunteer, please contact us.
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