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Matt Addison

@MattAddison97Blood Red Writer, Liverpool ECHO ✍🏼🎥📻⚽️🔴 <span>Between November 2019 and January 2020, I worked full-time as a Football Writer for the</span><span> Liverpool ECHO's sports desk and, across writing, podcasts and videos, as well as completing my NCTJ qualification at the City of Liverpool College. The collections below are up-to-date up until my time there began. To view pieces from this period, visit the links below:</span> Liverpool ECHO: Upon the completion of this period, I was appointed as Blood Red Writer in February, covering Liverpool FC through podcasts, video and writing. This is my current position (use the Liverpool ECHO above for pieces written during this time). ••••• Previously: Freelance Multimedia Sports Journalist Below is a portfolio of my work before joining the Liverpool ECHO in November 2019, including written articles, exclusive interviews and features, podcasts, videos and other TV and radio appearances. I covered Liverpool FC, Europe's top five leagues and much more, and was recognised by the Student Publication Association as a ‘Top Student Writer’ in October 2017. In July 2019, I covered the Netball World Cup as part of the tournament media, where my match reports and interviews were picked up by the likes of BBC Sport, ESPN and Belfast Live. I am a Level One FA-qualified football coach and a Level Seven FA-qualified football referee. All folders are ordered chronologically with latest pieces first. Email:
@MattAddison97 has not made any collections public yet.