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Welcome to our Year 3 online learning page! 

Each section on here will have a week of learning for you. In every section, you will have 5 days of learning. As a school, we are aiming to keep things as close to the daily routine as possible. Every day, you will have an English, Maths, Reading and Topic lesson. These lessons will have video introductions where I explain the learning and model any activities. 

I have also included a range of activities that you would be doing in school such as handwriting, spelling and story times.

I have included a PADLET link:

Here, you will find phase 3 and 5 tricky words and sounds to support children that would be working on phonics in school. However, these will help all children with sounding out and blending when reading and writing. 

Completed learning should be uploaded to Dojo where you will receive feedback from me from 8:30am-5:00pm.

Every day I will send you a morning message to let you know what will be happening that day and discuss learning from previous days.

If you have any questions or need any help, message me on the dojo app.
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