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Samantha J Shaffner

Gifted and Testing Coordinator
Marion City Schools

Author, Educational Measurement Consultant; International Presenter & Student Advocate
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ISTELIVE22: IL Playground Resources

EDU Protocols/Best Practices and Exemplars for Instructional Coaching by Samantha Shaffner, CPHS

Student Voice and Choice: ELA Blended Learning Menus and Test Prep Station by Samantha Shaffner, Academic Coach, CPHS

Student Work Collections: English Lang. Arts-- SY 2018-2019 MCS

Professional Development: NCTE, ISTE, OCTELA, and MCS--etc!

Wakelet for Education: Blogs, Resources; more

Formative Assessment Strategies and Resources

Research Project: Curated Resources & Activities By Samantha Shaffner Academic Coach, CPHS

Formative Assessment Strategies

Articles and Links: EdTech Tools