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Strategies to Help You to Help Students Succeed.

I have over 30 years in education, 20+ spent with 11-18 year olds. They give me insight into so many things that I may not even consider. My aim is to help them with their life's journey, to give them skills, and hopefully ascertain which direction they want to go in. The sections I have attached are what I have used to help me over the years.
I was inspired by watching a colleague infront of a camera.
Although I am not quite ready to get infront of the camera myself and record something just yet, I have created my own Wakelet account. I think that I was afraid of what it was, but when I went and had a good look, I realised that it is the perfect way of storing all sorts of great ideas that I would usually just keep on my hard drive, in a box file, or on my shelf, and then share with the odd person when it came to mind – this way I am able to share with all.
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