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Two Talons Up - advocating for birds and the environment

@brian_4241Welcome to the Two Talons Up "wakelet", a collection of videos about birds, birding and bird photography.  The sinister goal of this "wakelet" is to foster awareness of native bird species, bird biology, and the serious hobby of birding.  And a deeper, more sinister goal, through a better understanding of birds TTU will generate an increased awareness and advocacy for the earth's environment.  Many bird species are indicator species, serving as a health gauge of the surrounding environment.  Decreasing bird populations are a bad omen for the overall health of an ecosystem, and the ecosphere.  Visit TwoTalonsUp.com for more information and resources about birds and birding. Latest News from TTU - Oct. 25, 2016   Over the next few months, I will continue to scan the internet for videos about birds to add to existing collections, or for new collections.  I love this stuff, and I hope you will find this site and TwoTalonsUp.com useful and educational in pursuing your birding activities.
@brian_4241 has not made any collections public yet.