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Cecilia Lagos

@CeciliaLagosBilingual Football Journalist based in the Netherlands. Event Host. On-air Talent. I've worked with and appeared on FIFA, ESPN Deportes, Sports Illustrated's TV, BBC, Daily Mirror, El Gráfico Argentina and NBC among many other international outlets. I'm also a judge at The Guardian's World's Best 100 Footballers of the year. Ex-TVN. In 1988, I decided what was unthinkable for a girl at that time in my home country of Chile: to be a football journalist. I started writing about football at 14 for Las Últimas Noticias, one of the main national newspapers.  <span>I became the first woman ever in the history of Chilean national TV to present a Sports segment on a prime-time news show (24 Horas Central-TVN) and to host the Sunday prime-time football show (Goles 24 Horas), calling all highlights for every single game of the Chilean First and Second Division, plus international football highlights.</span><span> </span> I was lucky to fulfill my dream of working with Sergio "Sapito" Livingstone, a glory of South American football, who has been my biggest inspiration and role model in this career. I always seek to add value to my work by offering details that add depth and context to my analysis, integrating statistics, contingency, history and always considering the human factor.
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