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National Poetry Month

@livingpoetspairedwithcanonThe 2018 collection of pairings started out as a whim inspired by the #NCTEchat leading up to National Poetry Month. The project quickly became a personal challenge that I (Kristin Runyon @KristinRunyon on Twitter) was able to complete with the help of wonderful teachers I "met" online. I have been introduced to many new poets and poems that I am excited to share with my high school students, and the group of us hope you are also anxious to share these living poets and contemporary poems with your students. For 2019, I have included compilations created by some of my senior students, and the group of teachers from last year created new poetry pairings for the second half of April (15th-30th). For 2020, I was busy creating remote teaching and just stuck by the pandemic. And then I ordered a new book by a poet I had not read before and decided that this year's #NationalPoetryMonth postings would be poets new to me. Enjoy! This collection also now houses the archives for the #TeachLivingPoets chats.
@livingpoetspairedwithcanon has not made any collections public yet.