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Latitudes' takeover of Kadist Foundation's Instagram, San Francisco, United States, 26 August–9 September 2015.

As part of the residency Latitudes led the ‘Near-Future Artworlds Curatorial Disruption Foresight Group’, a closed-door seminar for informal dialogue about megatrends and the future of contemporary art institutions. Latitudes also commissioned three tours functioning as expanded studio visits with artist Amy Balkin, the artist-curator collective Will Brown (a collaborative project of David Kasprzak, Jordan Stein and Lindsey White) and outsider librarians Megan and Rick Prelinger – while focussing on the Bay Area and Latitudes’s current research around the carbon cycle. —> Share: #ArtistNotAtTheStudioCuratorNotAtTheOffice #ANATSCNATO #NearFutureArtworlds #Kadist #SanFrancisco #SF #LatitudesBarcelona —> Info: https://instagram.com/kadistfoundation/