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The Classroom of My Dreams!

10 strategies I will include in my future classroom to apply differentiation in a variety of fun ways. Introduction: I cannot wait to get started in applying everything I've learned this semester in differentiation. In this resource collection, I've included my very favorite resources, activities, practices and ideas. Every item in this collection is something I plan to use when I'm a teacher and I hope you can feel my excitement from the things I've chosen and my reasoning behind each of them. I loved the list of options to choose from and chose categories that really spoke to me and my personal philosophy of differentiating in the classroom. The textbook refers to the teacher as "the head of the classroom family" (Tomlinson, 2018, pg. 10). It goes on to say, "It is the teacher's job not only to connect with each student but also to connect students with one another" (Tomlinson, pg. 10). The items I've collected will help me have the tools to initiate classroom relationships. The four strategies for cultivating relationships described by Tomlinson include, Find common ground, Affirm one another, Manage the classroom together, and Build academic skills. I will use the items I've collected to work towards each of these things and so much more as I slowly build up my skills to differentiate. This has made me even more excited to be a teacher and help my students reach their goals using differentiation.