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Pandemic Media 485

This course will explore how media treats not only the specific COVID-19 Pandemic, but threats to humankind in general. For years film and television have devoted creative content to the question of "what-if?" What if zombies mutated and came after us? What if the world ran out of water? What if war was upon us? What if technology decided to 'replace' us? Some of these notions are dealt with satirically, or with a fantastical spin. Other examples hit a little close to home and cause the viewer to ponder, "how accurate is that?" We will begin our journey with the most "out there" of these creations- the zombie apocalypse. But, as we continue week to week, we will examine threats that are grounded more in reality. The timing of this class is no coincidence- I write this as I currently 'shelter and stay' inside my house. Anxiety and fear have been magnified in 2020 and it is my hope that through this class we can all step back and take a breath. We'll watch some incredible films and try to explore the human condition as it deals with threats from the outside. And, most importantly, we'll discuss and check in with one another; remembering always that even if right now it feels as though people themselves are each other's greatest threats, we're also our greatest support in getting through this threat together.