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Age Impulse

Age Impulse brings a disruptive laboratory method on improved and autonomous ageing to the largest number of users. With Age Impulse, you will benefit from 30 years of scientific and field research and 140 international publications, in the palm of your hand ! It allows you to enjoy an optimal quality of life for years to come, with pleasure and self-awareness. At 105 years old, the late Robert Marchand, a French amateur cyclist, was fitter than most people in their fifties, according to our scientific expert study by the Journal of Applied Physiology, featured in the New York Times. His secret? He took part in the training that we condensed into a m-Health solution. Age Impulse revolutionizes connected health by launching a mobile solution which puts a powerful new metric (VO2max) into people's hands and a scientifically proven method to improve it at any age. VO2max is a widely accepted scientific indicator of autonomous ageing, a powerful aggregate indicator or your cardiovascular, respiratory, and muscular condition, our physiological age in a way. It allows a relevant and simpler tracking of fitness and progress than the total steps per day, heart rate, or hours of sleep!