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‘Things Things Say’, Fabra i Coats: Centre d'art contemporani de Barcelona, 17 October 2020–17 January 2021

An exhibition with: Adrià Julià (1974, lives in Barcelona and Bergen), Annette Kelm (1975, lives in Berlin), James N. Kienitz Wilkins (1983, lives in New York), Sarah Ortmeyer (1980, lives in Frankfurt), Eulàlia Rovira (1985, lives in Barcelona), Francesc Serra i Dimas (1877–1967, Barcelona), Stuart Whipps (1979, lives in Birmingham), Haegue Yang (1971, lives in Berlin and Seoul), as well as meaningful things from the Friends of Fabra i Coats archive. ‘Things Things Say’ springs from the past of Fabra i Coats—an industrial complex dedicated for over 100 years to the manufacturing of cotton thread. Taking on the genre of the ‘it-narrative’ in 18th century English literature—as well as the approaches of object journalism and microhistory—the exhibition tacks back-and-forth between ‘exceptionally normal’ things and the extraordinary global narratives of labour, obsolescence, and the industrialisation of nature, that they trigger. Installation views: Eva Carasol. ℹ️ https://www.lttds.org/projects/thingsthingssay/ #ThingsThingsSay #CosesQueLesCosesDiuen #CosasQueLasCosasDicen