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Mythology Research

ONLY THE EDUCATED ARE FREE (EPICTETUS) 10th Grade English, Ms. Ms. Senoj Collaborate in teams to examine a chosen culture’s mythology. Together, groups will determine similarities and differences in themes and morals compared to today’s modern American society. Findings will be presented to classmates using a class website created in Weebly. Grades will be calculated by averaging the teacher's assessment with your classmate's feedback after a group presentation on your findings. The team with the highest score will enjoy 15 minutes of Friday-free-time and homemade brownies. Before you research a specific culture, be sure to consider the bigger picture. The first section of resources will help you define exactly what mythology means and how it plays a role in society. Use Google Earth to explore different locations which help you to understand the environment from which the myths originated. The online library catalog has collections to help you locate specific titles on Celtic, Greek, Japanese, and Norse myths. Articles, websites, videos, and podcasts are included within this Wakelet collection to help you understand the people, culture, and myths better. Finally, remember to cite your sources! You can use easybib.com to help, but you must look over your sources and add any missing information. Databases like Gale provide full citations at the end of the article.