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Shut In--But Not Shut Out: Repurpose, Retool, Redeploy Teaching and Learning With Transformative Technology Tools!

July 2021: This is a Work in Progress. After attending the Virtual Computer User Educator (California) Conference in March, I discovered many new ideas that need to be included, however, this Wakelet is even confusing to me. My goal is to make this more easily navigable, reorganizing ideas as Wakelets inside of Wakelets. In other words, I am placing all the necessary teacher tech tools under one category. There may be a great deal of overlap, because tech tools may fit in more than one category. Also, one teacher's list may include must-have tools, and those tools may have their own Wakelet. (For example, Nearpod, Seesaw, and Pear Deck.) PART 1: The shocking upheaval in education caused by Covid-19 and school closures forced school districts to "build the airplane while in the air". In most cases, the airplane crashed. Covid-19 exposed alarming systemic deficiencies in schools' abilities to deploy the technological skills teachers needed to move students from simple consumption of information, to providing transformative and transcendent learning experiences as they work together to solve "wicked problems".. (See Framework for Innovative Education below. Magana, 2017), This Wakelet is designed to move teachers from novices to experts by providing resources to inspire them to become "transcendent teachers" by becoming "Professional Learners". These materials will help teachers to refine their skills sets, and build a broad repertoire of tools to prepare for next year. The more skilled they are the better they can provide WICKED PROBLEM resources for students. Today, teachers must become part of a paradigm shift where "educators take ownership of their own learning, and become adaptive experts to keep up with a fast changing world"(Evolving Learner: Shifting From Professional Development to Professional Learning. See this book in the educator book list below) PART 2: ACTIVITIES FOR STUDENTS/PARENTS/TEACHERS/HOMESCHOOLERS: STUDENTS CAN FIND A STUNNING ARRAY OF ACTIVITIES TO REPAIR LEARNING GAPS caused by remote learning. Resources cut across the curriculum: reading, social studies, math and creativity resources. Students also need to adapt to rapid changes and become PROFESSIONAL LEARNERS