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Energy Transfer Machine -Neil

Neil’s Anti-Procrastinator-Inator It all started last year when I made an energy transfer machine to play with me because I was bored since I was doing online school and everyone was in quarantine, but this year IT’S THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE I’m going to school in person, not having enough time to time to play, or watch, and on top of that I’m a huge procrastinator. So, I made a machine that would force me to do my work by taking my tablet away from me so I can do on my homework. My machine solves a problem that I face on a daily basis. One of the best parts of my machine is that I didn’t buy anything for the machine. The whole machine is 99% made from old materials I had lying around in my house such as, cardboard, “hot wheels” tracks, old lampshade, boxes, marbles, cups and Legos etc. (except for the slingshot that I designed and 3D printed).