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Supporting young children at points of transition

Education Scotland intends to offer the best practical transitions advice and support to staff in early learning and childcare (ELC) settings and primary schools in planning children’s transitions. Starting early learning and childcare or primary school is normally a time of great excitement for children and their families. We know it can also be a worrying time as children move from familiar people and surroundings to new settings. We may worry about how they will cope and settle. COVID-19 has suddenly presented new challenges the likes of which we would never have considered possible a short time ago. We understand that, for children and families due to start or leave your setting or school, it will undoubtedly be a particularly worrying and uncertain time. Education Scotland is working with the Scottish Government, local authorities, early learning and childcare (ELC) and school staff to help plan support. Keeping you informed is vital. This collection of links and resources will be continually updated and aims to connect you to the latest help and advice as we all work together to ensure safe and happy transitions. In this Wakelet collection you will find resources and links to materials to help you plan for the multiple transitions our young children, families and staff face over the coming months.