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Dental Assistant

A dental assistant is a dentist's helper, they have a very important role in the dental office and have many responsibilities. Before the dentist sees the patient, the dental assistant has to prepare the patient and everything else that the dentist will need. For example, they may need to take x-rays of the patient's teeth, sterilize the equipment needed, take any dental impressions, clean everything up, prepare a patient for surgery, and also assist the dentist when they are operating in the patient's mouth. A dental assistant also guides and informs the patient of any operation that will be done in their mouth. Once the dentist is done working on the patient, the dental assistant steps in to advise the patient if there's anything they need to do to care for their teeth. "Through Dental Assisting I have learned the importance of empathy towards those around me, and a desire to brighten another's day with something as simple as a smile." - Julia Tutela