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Technology in Education: 10 Ideas for the Classroom

I've chosen the Wakelet online tool to present this final EDU 519 project. The Wakelet platform allows educators and students to collect websites, articles, videos, songs, photographs, and any other desired media and put it all into one place. This web-based instrument also permits multiple people to work on the same project, allows for easy edits, and is user-friendly, even for those that aren't technical experts. Teachers can use this when time is limited, providing one spot for students to find good resources. Educators can also use this to gather resources for work during PLC collaboration. Students can use this to collect relevant resources into one area for their peers or instructor. In addition, they can easily revise, edit, improve, and switch out what media they want to include. There are limitless other ways teachers and students can use this online tool. For my purpose, I will be using this Wakelet to showcase ten technologies that can be useful for the classroom.