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July-August Marketing Update

It's suddenly the 8th month of the year! Where is 2021 going? July was a busy month for us all but as usual, we smashed it. We published our first Instagram reel (better late than never, guys - Mark Zuckerberg would be proud.) We launched THREE new festive activities and most importantly, had a suitable pun-off for each. Some of the team attended the CN Agency Awards and although we didn't win, it's still a huge positive to be recognised for our hard work (we'll let Top Banana have the limelight for now because we're good like that.) We had an amazing month for PR being featured in Metro, Huffington Post, Yahoo News AND Refinery29 (kudos and thanks to the Distinctly team!) We finally said goodbye to the image of the overly enthusiastic woman in the homepage hero (if you know, you know! Just don't tell her I said that, I wouldn't want to see her frown.) Those of us in the UK made it through a heatwave and we couldn't help ourselves mentioning the weather on every huddle! We present this month's colourful collection of digital art. Picasso would be so jel...