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Physical Health Influencing Mental Health

Physical health is a key component toward better mental health. For many, the struggle of maintaining a positive self-image digs into their everyday lives. On top of that, the neurological benefits that are produced from exercise are unable to be achieved because of constant work, stress, and negative attitude toward getting in-shape. The mental health of an individual is severely at risk without physical exercise. This is why I wanted to research the overwhelmingly beneficial effects of fitness on mental health and hopefully be able to implement these practices into my daily routine. The change toward living a healthy life physically and mentally is a journey within itself. Having to remain accountable and constantly train mental fortitude is exhausting and can lead to a relapse in illness. The cycle of mental battles and the need for physical exercise is detrimental toward progress but can be changed. Throughout this digital curation, there are many examples of superhuman-like achievements as well as statistics outlining potential accomplishments with simple changes. There are studies that show increased brain function after exercising along with long term memory retention. The list of benefits is immense and will only continue to grow as society advances.