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Early Chapter Books With BIPOC Characters by BIPOC Authors

These are chapter books for readers venturing into independent reading on their own. They usually have (black and white) illustrations throughout, have shorter chapters, and are about 80-120 pages. (but not always! But usually if they are over 150 pages, they are probably "too long" for this category.) Think MAGIC TREEHOUSE. These all feature kids of color and are by creators of color as well. Some are newer series and some are older, but they are all still in print. I included books that had at least two books with the same characters. For access purposes, I've only included titles that are available in print, not just electronically. Some outstanding self-published titles are included as well. Remember, if you like a series, the way to get more titles is to buy the ones already published and promote them at your library/share with kids and adults.