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Unit 8:Final Major Project: West Side Story

Unit 8: Collaborative Performance Project Assessor: Elle Harper and Katy Murphy Date Issued: 31/01/22 Deadlines: Practical 9th May 2022 - Portfolio Friday 15th May 2022 Purpose This project is designed to draw together all the skills taught throughout your first year of study. Your tutors will work together to produce the piece, West Side Story which will be performed in The Michael Morpurgo Theatre. You will research and contextualise your practice, propose creative and artistic ideas for your character development, plan your rehearsal schedule, reflect continually and evaluate the final product. You will be graded on: • Context • Research • Practical Skills • Evaluation and Reflection Please see grading matrix uploaded on Moodle, this will be talked through and continually referenced within rehearsals. Scenario You will have successfully pitched and presented your ideas for the performance West Side story in your previous skills unit. You will learn how to take and apply direction, character development and rehearsal discipline. We will explore Meyerhold techniques as well as bringing previous taught skills to the rehearsal room. You will work as a professional company to produce a skilled and creative live performance. You will also have production roles that you will be responsible for various things like marketing, props, costumes etc. You are encouraged to bring forward skills taught from previous projects and units to further inform your creative decisions and practical development. You may also want to look at different styles of performing that we haven’t looked at yet to develop your creativeness. Use West Side Story as a stimulus to create your own version or recreate what they did. Take any characters, aspect, style, music and production and be creative with it!