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Bring on the Fun at Events!

After such a long and brutal year, we all deserve to have some fun! So join us on Feb. 17th, at 1pm ET when Exhibit Marketing Consultant & Author Marlys Arnold will lead the discussion and brainstorming on how to make both virtual and in-person events more fun for everyone involved. We'll start w/ virtual events… Q1 What's the most fun virtual event you've attended this past year and why? Q2 What creative happy hour activities have you seen at virtual events? Q3 How have virtual events used gamification to get/keep attendees engaged? Q4 What kinds of fun online networking have you seen or participated in? Then talk about in-person events … Q5 How can we add fun (yet safe) elements into F2F events to help attendees forget about the drain of wearing masks and other restrictions? Q6 What can be incorporated to make educational sessions more fun? Q7 What kinds of gamification can be added to keep in-person attendees excited? Q8 How can we use technology (like AR/VR/etc.) to make events more fun?