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Ethical Use of Information

I didn't plagiarize! What do you mean I have to cite? Pictures need citations? What are you even talking about right now? This is a curation of materials for the ethical use of information. We will continue to use this curation for the entire school year, and a link to this resource will be saved in the classroom materials section of Google Classroom. This will make it easy to find these sources anytime you need to cite information and images used in projects and essays! These resources will help you to avoid plagiarism, and they will be a useful and direct resource for citations, paraphrasing, and quoting for 8th grade students. Begin with the video tutorials first, starting at the left. Then, look for the sites that say to "USE THIS FOR YOUR PLAGIARISM SCAVENGER HUNT" and complete the Plagiarism Scavenger Hunt found in Google Classroom. Use the other resources as needed to cite sources correctly and avoid plagiarism. Finally, if you finish your assignments early, practice with the tutorials so you become stronger at citing sources correctly all the time! Curated by: Kristy Chase June 20, 2021