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C21st Teaching and Learning for C21st Society – what, why and how we (should) teach and learn today

In many parts of the world, education systems and the skills they teach do not align with the skills and attributes required to survive and thrive in the C21st, nor do they make informed use of the rising number of technologies available to us to reform and transform our teaching. It is our job to look to evidence to fill our knowledge gaps and make this change. C21st teaching for C21st society requires us to rethink pedagogies and look critically at how technology might empower us to deliver meaningful and accessible education to more people. This means delving deep into what we know about how we best learn through the work of neuroscientists, cognitive psychologists and others working in the field of the learning science. This collection supports the CPD programme 'Digital Teaching and Learning – The Deep Edit', a collaborative project between Dilectae, the Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver, and the Commonwealth Centre for Connected Learning, Malta. It also supports the broader practice of The Critical Literacy Project (