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Antiracism Resources

On May 31st, Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kieley, authors of ALL AMERICAN BOYS, spoke about antiracism and the work that can be done today. Some topics that were addressed include White privilege and The Talk. One of my takeaways from this discussion is that these topics may be tough to discuss but are necessary. Another takeaway is that we must do the work and learn what it means to be an antiracist. You can find Jason Reynolds/Brendan Kieley's discussion below. I would like to invite you to read a book from one of the lists below. A few Middle Grade books that I highly recommend include NEW KID, WHAT LANE and GHOST BOYS. These are great books with talking points addressing racism. NEW KID, the Newbery Medal Winner, addresses microaggresions that occur in schools everyday. There are so many topics in the book that shine a light on what we as educators can change. In reading NEW KID, I found improvements that I can make as a librarian and as an educator. This summer, I also plan on reading HOW TO BE AN ANTIRACIST and BETWEEN THE WORLD AND ME. Let me know if you would like to "meet" to discuss any book on antiracism.