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EdTech Tools for English

Looking for English Educational tools? Look no further. Below is a comprehesive list shared by teachers across Greater Manchester colleges for you to browse ūüíú In this blog you will find a collection of educational tools that can enhance your teaching, learning and assessment practice. They have been shared by teachers across the Greater Manchester colleges who have formed the GMC HQ group. To identify who they are, scroll down to the bottom of this page. Before you go exploring, I wanted to encourage educators to consider which tools will fit the learning purpose. Which tools could be used to support the learning objective? For example, you might consider: How could we perform assessments? Which tool could I use to encourage collaboration? Are there any tools that could be used to encourage investigation, or even discussion and so on and so forth‚Ķ? I'd like to encourage you to really take the time to evaluate the objectives of your session, the conventional method that you may have selected and then source the digital technology that could mimic or enhance this if needed. The EdTech Tools listed below have been categorised under specific learning types and in many cases has been accompanied by examples of the tool being used. Happy scrolling!