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Indigenous Provocations

Find a collection of Indigenous resouces that you can use as provocations to provoke student thinking and curiosity as you explore Indigeneity, Diversity, and Antiracism (particularly in BC and Canada) and how you might take action. Questions you might consider exploring through inquiry: 1. What does it mean to be Canadian? 2. How has Canada’s past shaped the present? 3. What stories do we tell ourselves as Canadians? Whose voices are missing from our stories? Can we uncover the missing stories? 4. What is the history of racism in Canada? 5. Are Canadians racist now? Am I racist? How do I know? 6. Where does racism come from? Why does racism exist? 7. How do we contribute to (in a positive or a negative way) a culture of racism? How does our language shape this culture? 8. Is it possible to create a culture free from racism? How might we begin to create an antiracist culture?