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Art App Portfolio | Art in the time of COVID-19: Finding ways to 'render the invisible visible'

Introduction: Hello, I'm Suhaina N. Dalimbang from BFS12, and this is my Digital Portfolio. This portfolio contains all the group and individual activities that I made in the course, G-SOSC003 Art Appreciation, except the Blackout poetry because I used my Pahinga Award. Each section shown here has its own uniqueness, as I made them carefully and with utmost effort. Conclusion: To be honest, I am not really fond of creating paintings and other art pieces because I think that I lack creativity and skills. However, while tackling our lessons, I began to like and appreciate its diversity. I also realized that whenever we have an activity, I try my best to make them as beautiful as possible. And looking at my outputs gives me joy and satisfaction since I created exquisite pieces with my hands. Furthermore, I realized that I could influence or advocate my opinions and beliefs through art. Just like the Painting that I made, which showcases Women's Empowerment, it truly gives me strength whenever I see it, and I hope my viewers would too.